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Updo Face Shapes: Choosing an Updo to match your face shape
On the heart shaped face, the forehead is the widest part of the face, then it narrows gradually to the chin, which is slightly pointed.
Choosing an Updo For your Face Shape: HEART SHAPED FACE
Long and thin, often with a chin that tends to look pointed. There is very little difference in width between the top, middle or bottom of your face but it is more rounded than the square face.
Choosing an Updo For your Face Shape: OBLONG/LONG
Choosing an Updo For your Face Shape: OVAL
Oval faces are considered the ideal facial shape. You can pull off a variety of hair styles. Your features are well balanced and almost every style can be achieved to look great on an oval face.
Round shaped faces tend to be round at the cheeks and have a circular form. Your face is heaviest near the ears and gradually  curves upward and downward.
Choosing an Updo For your Face Shape: ROUND
The Square Face shape is characterized by an angular jaw and square brow, with jaw and brow being nearly the same width.
Choosing an Updo For your Face Shape: SQUARE
Choosing an Updo isn't hard enough right? Well, by taking a look at your face shape, matching an updo and it's details can be easier than ever now. Pick your face shape and see what works with your updo and face shape and what you should avoid.
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