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On the heart shaped face, the forehead is the widest part of the face, then it narrows gradually to the chin, which is slightly pointed.
Updos for Heart Shaped faces:  Have side bangs and wisps on your face. This will also bring more balance to your forehead width. Avoid too much height at the crown as this makes the forehead appear larger. Your face looks great when hair is left down. Or if the updo is centered low in the back and full. Try large pinned curls, below the occipital bone, that can be seen from the front.
Your goal: to diminish your forehead width and create more width to your small jaw line.
Bangs: Try tussled or side swept bangs that graduate in length.
Your Part: side parting so you avoid pointing out your small chin if that is the case
Updo Detailing: Avoid wisps. Tousled the bangs or opt for graduated side swept bangs.
Half Up Half Down Updos: Styles that are fuller around the ends will widen the appearance of the chin and jawbone. Also hair that flips out widens the chin area. If you have shoulder length hair or shorter, opt to wear your hair 1/2 up / 1/2 down with fullness focused on the down part.
Choosing an Updo For your Face Shape: HEART SHAPED FACE
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