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Styling Short Hair Updos
Don't think because you have short hair, that you can't have a glamorous updo! Try explanding you mind and thinking of an updo as a back do'. What's a back do'? The front of your hair, which is the hardest to put back is styled separatley.  Then the back or back do' can be styled in a way to create the illusion of a real updo.
Ideas for Back dos':
Hot roll or curl entire head of hair with semi small curls. Take bobby pins and begin to pin hair back away from face. Make sure to pin just below the ear, to avoid a half updo look.
If your hair is long enough to pull to the crown (top) of your head, an updo on short hair can be created. Here's a trick: When I'm styling someone with shoulder length or even shorter hair, this is how I get most if not all of the hair up. Instead of tying hair up into one ponytail, which never will work, take small sections of hair, pull to the back and backsides of head. Fasten with small elastics. Use as many as you need. I find I usually use about 6-10 separate ponytails to get all hair up.  Don't be afraid, if you style correctly, you'll never see any of the separate sections. And the elastics make a great anchor to stick the pins into. Next, curl or twist hair in each pony and pin. Interlock the ponytails by combining hair from each as you work your way down. No one will ever know you have short hair!
You may want to look into hair pieces. The hair is pre-curled and all you do is pin to a ponytail or to the hair itself. They come in a verity of colors to match most hair color. One word of advice... do not use a curling iron on these. Most are made of synthetic hair and cannot be curled. The hair will melt. Spend a little extra for human hair extensions which can be washed and curled.
Use a curling iron and curl hair almost like a roller set. When hair cools, rub a small amount of paste onto hands and shake out curls. Hair will be big and messy at this point. Use fingers to calm and to place hair where desired. You can also opt to keep the front sides flat and close to head. This look looks great with a headband or tiara. Or even with small hair gems.
Don't be afraid to add the shine products. Short hair gals don't need to worry about weighing hair down and the shine will add some glamour!
Sleek your short hair to the back using a strong holding gel or paste. Use a side part for added style.
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Take small sections of hair, 1 inch by 1 inch, in the back of your head and twist. Pin with bobby pins and either curl the ends or straighten. Sleek the front of your hair with a side swept part.
Using hair accessories is a great way to dress up short hair. A headband with a side parting looks great. Or gather your hair in a loose, low ponytail and cover with a beautiful sparkly barrette.
Experiment at home a few weeks before. Try out different styling ideas to see what works and what doesn't.
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