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ARTICLES: Dream Dresses and Heavenly Hairstyles by Emily Tanner
Perhaps there is a model in a magazine that has similar skin and hair colourings to you? See which styles suit her and how she wears her hair in the photographs. You could take the picture with you to your hair trial and ask your hairdresser to try it for you.

So, remember not to be too blinkered when it comes to choosing your dream wedding dress. A dream wedding dress for you is the one that makes you look fabulous and not one that you’ve chosen because it was expensive, fashionable, too tight or whatever. Once the dress has been chosen, the heavenly hairstyle can then be selected to create the perfect look!

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About the Author: By Emily Tanner from www.world-of-wedding-favours.com.
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Getting the wedding gown, hairstyle and make up right on your big day are prerequisites to feeling like a goddess. In order to achieve this feeling of utter perfection on your wedding day, read on ….

Choosing your wedding gown can be quite baffling as there are so many choices. There are quite literally thousands of styles, shapes and colours. The wedding hairstyle typically plays second fiddle to the dress, although the 2 must work together in perfect harmony.
Anyone who has been there and done it will no doubt want to offer you lots of advice. But, the best advice to take when choosing your wedding dress is to go to a shop with no preconceptions of what you think you would like. By all means have some ideas just be clear that as many as three quarters of brides come home with an unexpected gown choice. When you do go to get your dress, enjoy it on face value as it will be such a fun day out. It is also a perfect opportunity to experiment with different styles and have shop attendants wait on you like a queen! Let’s face it, not many of us get days like that very often do we!?
Depending on where you shop, the majority of dress boutiques specialists are very helpful and are happy to let you have free reign in their shop. Remember, that this will be one of the most extravagant shopping trips you will ever have so make sure it is an enjoyable one. Note though, that some boutiques are by appointment only and you may need to book in advance. Take your time, don’t rush and don’t be talked into something you are not sure about.

Someone told me that you really don’t know what style will suit you until you try it on. You have to bite the bullet on this one, swallow your pride and try on even the most bizarre of gowns. Quite often what looks hideous on the hanger could look perfect on you. Try each of the following styles to ensure you have covered the main styles:-
A bias cut dress – perfect for tall, thin brides
A fitted bodice with a full skirt – great for larger chests and to emphasize the waist
An empire line gown – gives a neat feminine shape to larger brides
A strapless gown – elongates the neck area
Spaghetti straps – great for beach weddings or casual weddings but not suitable for those with flabby upper arms off the shoulder
Short & long sleeved gowns are making a comeback this season, so why not try some on?

Experiment with different fabrics too – try everything from silk, taffeta, chiffon, tulle, organza and crepe.
When it comes to getting the hairstyle right, this will primarily be driven by the dress you ultimately choose. So, when trying on various dresses, take some hair clips with you so that you can experiment with different wedding hairstyles as you are experimenting with different wedding dresses.
In advance of your dress shopping, try to get some bridal magazines. Focus on the key dress styles, colours, fabrics, and shapes that you like. Try to piece together which hairstyles are usually photographed with which dresses. Are there any similarities with dress styles and hair styles? You will probably find that there is! Strapless gowns are often completed with a tied back hairstyle but brides pictured in plain silk dresses look better with short, cropped hairstyles or loads of long virginal tousled curls!
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