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Round shaped faces tend to be round at the cheeks and have a circular form. Your face is heaviest near the ears and gradually  curves upward and downward.
Updos for Round faces: Any hair style that adds focus to your crown works best. A French twist with curls pilled on top looks very nice. As long as you have a focal point such as curls on top or tussled bangs to the side, this will draw attention away from the roundness of  your face.  Sleek at the sides with fullness near the crown, lengthens the face.
Your goal: to slim your face.
Bangs: Straight, flat bangs will only shorten your face. Try tussled or side bangs.
Your Part: Use off center parts, as this will draw the eye to one side of the face and throw off the roundness
Updo Detailing: Height in the front, such as the popular poof will elongate your round face. Minimal amount of thin wisps that are longer than your jaw lengthen a round face. Side bangs or no bangs at all.
Half Up Half Down Updos: Soft, full waves and curls with a side swept bangs. Keep any fullness starting at the bottom of the ear and below. Full up top, sleek on the sides and loose flowing curls or straight layers on the bottom. Long waves slim your face.
Choosing an Updo For your Face Shape: ROUND
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