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The Square Face shape is characterized by an angular jaw and square brow, with jaw and brow being nearly the same width.
Updos for Square faces: If you have shoulder to chin length hair, you can dress it up by adding volume with layers. If you want to wear an updo, Soft curls and loose waves soften the face shape. Hair that is not the same width of your face, on the top of your head will elongate the square face. Try pilled curls right on top of the crown area.
Your goal: To soften the sharp angle of your jaw line and minimize your squared-off brow. You want to create the illusion of length to offset the square features.
Bangs: Never wear straight, blunt bangs. Do a side swept bang, small wisp bangs or no bangs at all. If you do a center part with bangs on each side, this makes a wide forehead appear more narrow.
Your Part: Always off center parts.Center parts bring attention to the middle of your face and make your square face appear shorter.
Updo Detailing: Height in the front, such as the popular poof will elongate your square face. Minimal amount of thin wisps will softer the sharp angles. Side swept bangs look great.
Half Up Half Down Updos: Soft, full waves and curls with a side swept bangs or all pulled back loosely looks great.
Choosing an Updo For your Face Shape: SQUARE
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