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Updo Tips: Tips to the perfect Updo Hair Style
  • Think about what hair style you want before you go to the hair stylist. And bring Updo pictures! Stylists tend to be visual people. If you bring a picture, it will be easier to create the look you wish to have. But please, always keep in mind that most of the women you see in magazines with updos, have hair extensions or hair pieces to give them that full look. You might not have the amount of hair needed to do the updo style you've chosen, so ALWAYS go with a couple of ideas. NEVER just one
  • Don't wash your hair the day you're going to have an updo done. Opt just to shower and throw your hair up with a scrunchy or just rinse and don't use shampoo. Dirty hair equals a better updo. Yes, it's true. Not only is "dirty" hair easier to work with, it will hold a curl much longer , will be easier to tease and most important, will have a great deal of shine to it. Sacrifice washing for a day or two before, for the greater good of a great hair day!
  • Always wear a button down shirt or one with a loose fitting neck when having an updo done.
  • Just because your stylist can give you a great cut and everyday hair style, does not mean that they can do updos as well. Always do a test run to see if you and your stylist are on the same page and she understands what you want. If she's not good at updos, generally they will tell you beforehand and recommend someone in the salon who can help you with your updo style.
  • Don't put hair up to tight. This can cause headaches hours later and ruin a big day. If you feel your hair is too tight or a pin hurts, let your hair stylist know.
  • Give yourself plenty of time at the hair salon. Nothing is worse than having less time than needed to finish a style.
  • Tipping. Many clients ask what you should  tip. Use your best discretion, but generally a good tip for an updo is $10.00 or more.
  • Sleek your short hair to the back using a strong holding gel or paste. Use a side part for added style.
  • If you don't like something, say it. Nothing bothers hair stylists more than when their clients are unhappy. And believe me, we can read body language better than you can imagine! But please keep in mind that updos are a work in progress. You can usually never see how they will turn out until they are almost complete. So if it looks a little scary for awhile, bare with your hair stylist. But if it looks like they are going in a totally different direction from what you want, say something.
  • If you have short hair, don't think you are excluded from the world of updos. As long as your hair is long enough to pull to the back of your head. Here's the trick. Instead of trying to gather your hair in one ponytail, divide hair into 2 or 3 ponytails or even more if necessary. One at top, middle and bottom. Then curl or style the ponytails and be sure to interlock them by combining hair from each as you work your way down. No one will ever know you have short hair! Check out Updos & short hair for more tips
  • Choose an updo  that fits you and your personality.

  • Practice if you're doing it yourself or have a test run with your stylist.

  • If you have a long face, try not to go with updos that are "stuck" on top of your head. Instead, opt for a nape knot or a lower updo.
  • Consider what your face shape is. Choosing an Updo to match your face shape will ensure a great look. Read  more about face shapes and hair styles in our Updo face shape section.
  • Pick a hairstyle that will go with your dress. Choose the look that fits your style (classic, eclectic, wild, glam, or romantic).
  • If your hair is really thick, stay away from updos that are put up in one style such as a french twist. Put your style into sections and work with each section of hair separately.
  • Watch the weather! Place a small clear plastic trash bag in your purse. Believe me, you might look funny running out of the car with a bag on your head but I promise every other woman without one will be wishing they had thought of it!
  • If it's your wedding day, be sure to test your veil attachments and know how the veil works with your hair before your actual wedding day. Most veils, for some reason do not attach to the hair very well. Your stylist can show you the best way to attach the veil and how to remove it.
  • Use hair pieces to to add height to a style or use if you have short hair and want the look of an updo.
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